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IRCommand2 v7.0.7 is now available for download


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We build software that we personally find useful for addressing some everyday need. We hope you'll find it useful as well.

Our Products

Here's a brief overview of our current products:

Infrared and X10 Remote Control

Our flagship product is IRCommand2 — Universal remote control software for the PC.

In a computer-centric world IRCommand2 provides a convenient way to control devices in your home or office, or wherever, right from your computer.

Visit the IRCommand2 product page for more information.

Network monitoring

Our newest product PNetMon, short for Personal Network Monitor, is designed to enable you to quickly see who your computer is conversing with over the internet. You just might be amazed at all the hosts your computer talks to just to display a single web page. It's potentially a lot of information so what's presented is compressed into a form we hope you'll find useful. PNetMon lets you see ALL internet activity involving your computer and not just web browsing.

Visit the PNetMon product page for more information.

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