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IRCommand2 - Program Updates

This section provides information on pending, current, and prior releases of IRCommand2. You can report issues with the current version here.

Current Program Release

August 28, 2017 — IRCommand2 v5.6.4 is now available for download. This new release includes the following updates:

  1. Fixed: The button configuration file could become corrupted in rare instances after an OS shutdown.
  2. Fixed: COM interface GetClick function not detecting user button selection.
  3. Fixed: CM19A and CM15A dongles could randomly fail to initialize on program startup.
  4. Fixed: Newer CM19A dongles would not initialize due to a minor difference in dongle interface.
  5. Fixed: Default Repeat Factor now 0 for Demo config and for all new Device panels.
  6. Fixed: Manual Edit missing repeat burst data at end of NEC format signals.
  7. Fixed: After IR training, closing signal tail sometimes not correct length for certain signal types.
  8. Add: Shortcuts to online resources now available during browsing for DeviceSets.
  9. Add: Lite registration users can now insert standard Device Templates by opting to replace existing Device.

Prior Program Releases

September 1, 2016 — IRCommand2 v5.5.4 is now available for download. This new release includes the following updates:

  1. Fixed: Several IguanaWorks dongle transmit issues.
  2. Fixed: Crash on forced exit from Macro, Cluster, or Activator Edit dialogs.
  3. Add: Manual Edit now accepts alternate Pronto Hex format with leading "0000" values found on RemoteCentral.com.
  4. Add: Shortcuts to online resources now available again during browsing for Templates and SignalPaks

June 13, 2016 — IRCommand2 v5.4.6 is released. This new release includes the following updates:

  1. Fixed: Crash in Windows 10 when minimizing to the system tray. Windows 10 support now verified.
  2. Fixed: Dongle driver failed to recover from power interruption to GC-iTach dongle.
  3. Fixed: StateGroup copy bug fixes.
  4. Fixed: X10 CM11A dim/bright count was off by 1 count relative to other X10 dongles.
  5. Fixed: Firefly dongle listen mode occasionally losing a key press from Firefly remote.
  6. Fixed: Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.
  7. Add: Improvements to repeat signal handling.
  8. Add: Improvements to signal capacity and repeat signals for IguanaWorks dongle.
  9. Add: IR Signal Setup now warns user if signal just trained is likely to be invalid.
  10. Add: New Button Action "Send Signal w/Hold" allows continuous send when button is held down (see AppNote 17)
  11. Add: Event Viewer now runs in a separate thread and can remain open without affecting program interaction.
  12. Add: Event Viewer now allows deletion of Device Delays.
  13. Add: New StateGroup menu option "Convert to ButtonGroup" enables editing of existing StateGroups.
  14. Add: New View menu option "Show References" lists all references to a selected group or button.
  15. Add: Firefly remote supports new Button Action "Send Signal w/Hold".

October 15, 2014 — IRCommand2 v5.2.2 is released. This release included the following updates:

  1. Fixed: unable to schedule a 'once only' time trigger event into the next week for a day that had already passed in current week.
  2. Fixed: menu item Setup > Configuration > Choose Existing failed for filenames containing spaces or that were very long.
  3. Fixed: miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

March 27, 2014 — IRCommand2 v5.2.0 released. This release included the following updates:

  1. Fixed: bug in File > Save Device As > Device Set function that resulted in corrupted Device Set files.
  2. Fixed: improved IR port configuration detection for GC-iTach dongle.
  3. Fixed: send Zone issue with GC-iTach Flex when dongle is set to single IR port configuration.
  4. Fixed: attempt to resize a bound, non-template ButtonGroup, which cannot be resized, incorrectly showed the resize cursor.
  5. Fixed: improved Contents view in online Help documentation.
  6. Fixed: improvements to Button Kit to make button and group selections more clear.
  7. Add: new Button Kit XL size buttons.
  8. Add: new Type Code options in Button Appearance properties.
  9. Add: ability to convert certain types of ButtonGroups to StateGroups thus enabling custom StateGroups.
  10. Add: ability to create and manage multiple Device configuration files.
  11. Add: ability to set a custom Device window shape (aspect ratio) in a newly created Device configuration.
  12. Add: ability to configure and control Satellite apps running Android versions of IRCommand2.
  13. Fixed: miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

September 2, 2013 — IRCommand2 v4.99 released. This release included the following updates:

  1. Fixed: the Scope/Manual Edit function was not accepting Pronto Raw or GC iTach signal data input.
  2. Fixed: a program crash could eventually occur after scrolling through multiple device tabs many times.

August 20, 2013 — IRCommand2 v4.97 released. This release included the following updates:

  1. Fixed: under Visual Studio, Visual Basic, etc. the COM interface for IRCommand2 wasn't visible and could not be referenced.
  2. Fixed: In Windows 8 when using a higher than default DPI (100% text size) setting the mouse cursor could jump unexpectedly whenever the Ctrl or Shift keys were pressed and released.

August 6, 2013 — IRCommand2 v4.95 released. This release included the following updates:

  1. Add: support for GC iTach Flex dongle
  2. Add: support for Unicode and alternate languages via drop-in language file (starting with Dutch - thanks to René!)
  3. Add: support for optional icon add-on pack via DLL - can be user-defined
  4. Add: new "Backup/Restore" functions
  5. Add: new "Save Device Set" function
  6. Fixed: improved appearance of program icons and support for hi-res icons
  7. Fixed: Better handling of corrupted cfg and cfgx files on load and append
  8. Fixed: context help for some dialogs was not working in Win 7/8
  9. Fixed: program icon appearance in Win8 is now improved
  10. Fixed: custom colors in color picker could have duplicates
  11. Fixed: button viewers and printed reports now show custom icon colors when set

December 22, 2012 — IRCommand2 v4.09 released. This update included some minor bug fixes:

  1. Fixed: Firefly dongle hardware variant (PID=0005) was not initializing
  2. Fixed: improper handling of certain house codes for CM15A and CM19A RF mode
  3. Fixed: button group "disappears" when dropped onto an empty group box (falls underneath group box)

May 23, 2012 — IRCommand2 Version 4.06 released. New features included:

  1. Add: support for Global Cache iTach dongle (IR functions only)
  2. Add: support for button training to IguanaWorks IR dongle (now has full support)
  3. Fixed: Issues with IguanaWorks dongle transmit causing long delays
  4. Fixed: default IR TX band can now be set on all applicable dongles
  5. Fixed: Scope was not displaying a small portion of the initial signal
  6. Fixed: X10 Listen Triggers received via CM19A were repeated multiple times

February 3, 2012 — IRCommand2 Version 4.02 released. New features included:

  1. Add: support for IguanaWorks IR dongle (transmit only in this release)
  2. Add: program option to always keep main window on top of other windows
  3. Add: program option to hide menu bar when not in Learn Mode
  4. Add: program option for window size "Maximize"
  5. Fixed: issue with file browse navigation when selecting signal paks, etc.
  6. Fixed: keyboard control did not work correctly on Windows x64

August 16, 2011 — IRCommand2 Version 3.99 released. New features included:

  1. Add: support for X10 CM19A RF dongle
  2. Add: RF send/receive capabilities to X10 CM15A dongle
  3. Fixed: In Win7, simple button image not visible while dragging from buttonkit
  4. Fixed: error in X10 listen trigger logic could cause false triggers
  5. Fixed: an invalid entry in some property sheets caused duplicate error message pop-ups
  6. Fixed: "Run Program" action could not be set if it contained an invalid reference
  7. Fixed: when pasting button properties the option to move Macro/Activator references did not identify the source button

December 10, 2010 — IRCommand2 Version 3.97 released. New features included:

  1. Add: support for X10 extended scene control and dim commands
  2. Fixed: COM interface would not work in all cases if program was used in a non-administrator account
  3. Fixed: installation issues for some users when updating a Vista/Win7 system to a new version of IRCommand2