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Feature Comparison
Freeware Lite Registration Full Registration

Cost Free $9.95 $69.95
License Term Limit 60 days Perpetual Perpetual
Maximum Device Panels 1 1 No limit
Maximum Buttons 15 40 No limit
Maximum Dongles 1 1 4
Signal Scope Features No Yes Yes
Copy/Paste Signals No No Yes
Time Triggers Not saved No Yes
COM Interface Support No Yes Yes
Copy/Paste Buttons No No Yes
Copy/Paste Device Panels No No Yes
Printed Reports No No Yes
Macro Click Delays No No Yes
Hidden Device Panels No No Yes
Event Logging No No Yes
Minimize to System Tray No No Yes
Re-sizable StateGroups No No Yes
Text and Fill Color Properties Not saved Limited Yes
Device Templates No Yes! (v5.6.4 or later) Yes
Signal Paks Load only Load only Yes
Zones No No Yes
Backup/Restore No Yes! (v5.1.8 or later) Yes
Device Sets No No Yes
Custom StateGroups (New!) No No Yes
Satellite Functions (New!) No No Yes